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The perfect backdrop for your wedding day

Our farm weddings are joyful with an air of playfulness. The guests on the property can enjoy peaceful walks, a ride on the tree swing, or a quiet moment along the pond. Alternatively, the vast acreage provides space for those who want to crank up the party around a campfire, out on the dance floor, or around the bar inside the barn.

Our pond has ducks!

After spending the Summer rennovating and re-landscaping the upper pond, which is the featured pond for the event site, local ducks have decided that it will make a great home for this Fall! We have welcomed five ducks so far, and it is a joy to watch them swimming and diving for the natural wildlife in our pond. When we are out working on the property, sometimes we catch the ducks watching us. We are giving them space, hoping that in the Spring, they feel comfortable enough to build nests and have ducklings!

We plan to build the ducks a floating duck house for the upper pond soon!

Horses at Pleasant Pond Farm

We welcome brides who want to share their special day with their equestrian friends! Pleasant Pond Farm has a large horse barn with open stalls for rent, which can be added into any wedding or event planning.

Cooler Fall temperatures and morning dew have brought a fresh layer of green grass and new sprouts all over the farm. The fields are turning a bright green, and the contrast in the evening is striking, making sunset a magical time on the farm.

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